A HOMEGROWN rock band have returned from Denmark after recording their first album.

Barnoldswick brothers, Lewis, Danny and Brandon Bannister and friend Josh Ashworth returned from Copenhagen in January after recording their album with Sonne Studios.

Record Street already have a strong local fan base, but after attracting attention from abroad, the lads have been playing at bigger venues and touring Europe.

Speaking about how they formed, 21-year-old Danny, said: “As kids, my brothers and I were always playing music. Our grandad was also a musician but our parents weren’t musical at all but their support has been amazing.

“We started the band about four years ago, and Josh joined a year ago. I worked for a local firm with Josh and told him what we were doing. Once he joined, things really got going.”

The band aim to release the album in the summer.

Talking about their time in Copenhagen, Danny said: “It was amazing, a different experience. We recorded for 12 hours a day and developed a new style, the style we want – our raw sound.

“We’d also like to thank Andrew Braithwaite from the Music Talkers, who has supported us throughout our journey.”

Among the band’s influences are Kings of Leon, Band of Brothers, and Jimmy Hendricks.

Former West Craven High student Lewis, 23, the band’s lead singer said: “We had a great time in Copenhagen, the last 12 months or so have just been a bit of a whirlwind. We’ve really taken a step up in terms of the exposure we’ve been getting”.

“To be actually recording a debut album is pretty crazy, but we’re doing what we love and what could be better than doing that with your brothers and your mate?”

Last year, the band performed in London, Manchester, Torquay and Amsterdam. They will be playing in Blackburn on March 15.

They have also been supporting The Wholls.

Tickets are now on sale for their Blackburn gig at The Electric Church. To buy tickets, search for Record Street on Facebook or contact the venue for more information.