It was curtains for Matt Mason in last night's episode of Channel 4's Hunted, as the Royal Marine from Accrington was finally tracked down by a team of surveillance experts.

The 29-year-old was caught unawares within the first ten minutes of the reality fugitive show, missing out on bagging a share of the £100,000 prize money.

Speaking after the episode aired, Matt said: "John started talking to me about his wife and I'm sat in the car with him, just looking at him, and the Hunters come out of nowhere and catch me.

"I'm genuinely gutted about getting caught but, you don't win every battle, and I had a great time on the run."

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Matt was caught with just nine days to go, having managed to evade the Hunters for a nail-biting 16 days.

And throughout the previous episodes, viewers saw Matt, who now lives in Devon with his family, travel to Wales, using his military skills to hide out in the Snowdonia National Park.

He also tricked the Hunters by arranging a rendezvous with his wife, before heading down south to spend some time sunning himself on the beaches of Saunton Sands.

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Despite enjoying himself during filming, Matt said he wasn't entirely happy with the way he was portrayed by Channel 4.

He said: "I was pretty disappointed in how they portrayed me, I don't want to be negative about it all as it was really fun to film, but there was a lot of selective editing going on, and they made me out to be quite cocky, and I'm not like that."

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Matt, who has done three tours of Afghanistan while serving in the Marines, said that from the off, the Hunters were gunning for him.

And he believes his military background was the main reason they went in so hard.

He said: "My time in the Marines definitely helped me while on the run but what I experienced from the Hunters was completely different to what all the other contestants experienced.

"They knew I would be one of the most difficult to catch so threw everything at me.

"The Hunters are great at their jobs, and I take my hat off to them, but I would never advise anyone going on the run for real - it can get pretty stressful.

"However, if anyone fancies their chances against the Hunters, I'd say go for it. It will definitely give them an insight into how TV works."

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With a new baby due in April, Matt is now looking forward to spending time with his family, and preparing for the treacherous Ocean Revival North Atlantic Row next year, in which he and three fellow Marines will attempt to raise awareness about plastics in our oceans by rowing 3,700 miles from New York to London.

He said: "We've got loads of charity events coming up including a three peaks challenge in July, and in March we'll be giving a speech about plastics in the House of Commons."