A GROUP of East Lancashire teenagers who have never acted before are the centrepiece of a student’s film project.

Broden Salmon, of Clitheroe, has spent the last eight months directing his first ever production, One Time In Winter.

The £350 film, financed through local donations, was shot around Clitheroe, Blackburn and Accrington over three days last month and features five youngsters from Clitheroe, who have never acted before.

Prior to the production, Broden said the 15-year-olds would spend most of their time at Clitheroe’s skate park but now they have developed a passion for acting.

The 18-year-old director, who studies creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “It was amazing watching them progress.”

Broden was introduced to the teenagers several months ago after speaking to one his friends, who is the older brother of one of the cast members, Ethan Porter.

The former Bowland High School student said: “They are quite an unlikely group of lads to be honest.

“It took the group a while to take it seriously, not just because they were 15 but they had no interest in acting before.”

The screenplay is about four schoolboys who skip the last day of winter term to meet their recently-expelled friend, who leads them astray on a reckless day out.

The film starts as a black comedy which turns into a tragedy and Broden said the cast took up the challenge. He said: “They are playing characters they know well. The audience will think these lads are like this in real life but as the film progresses the (cast) play characters we have attributed to each of them.

“It was a pleasant experience working with people who made the effort in acting and just amazing watching them progress.

“The lads said they were grateful for the opportunity and they now want to go on to be actors.”

Other cast members include Adam Rafhan, Josh Counsell, Faisal Shazan, Daniel Gorton and Connor Maguire. The 15-minute premiere is at The Grand, Clitheroe, on Saturday, March 30.