The number of children being taken into care in Lancashire has risen by almost 20% in four years.

According to children's charity, Barnardo's, there are now more than 500 additional children in care across the county (including Blackburn with Darwen), than there were in 2014.

And the rate of children being taken into care far outweighs the number of foster carers available to look after them, with Lancashire County Council saying that around 20 children each week are presenting as in need of urgent foster care placements.

Currently there are 2,083 children in the care of LCC, and almost 400 in the care of Blackburn with Darwen council.

The staggering figures have given rise to both councils campaigning for more people to sign up and register as foster carers.

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools at Lancashire County Council, Cllr Susie Charles, said: "We need more people to provide the support and stable homes that these children and young people need to really thrive.

"We are always looking for new foster carers to look after the range of children who come into our care each week.

"The greatest need is for foster carers for older children, sibling groups, and children with additional needs."

Foster carers help to look after hundreds of children across the county, giving them the best chance to have a happier and positive future.

In order to achieve this, Barnardo's have estimated that fostering services across the North West need to recruit at least a further 1,240 foster families in the next 12 months alone.

A spokesperson for Barnado's said: "Without enough foster carers, this could mean children have to wait longer before finding the best match or that they may need to be moved to different families several times because the most appropriate carer is not available, which can have a negative impact on a child.

"Children who have been taken into care have sometimes experienced trauma or difficult circumstances, which can make everyday challenges more difficult to overcome.

"Having a foster carer to support them through any difficult times can help enormously."

At present there are around 121 people or families registered as foster carers in Blackburn with Darwen and a total of 477 fostering households in Lancashire.

Earlier this month, LCC launched their new campaign called Create Memories in a bid to recruit more foster carers.

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