It was better luck next time for Peter Bleksley, as Matt Mason once again managed to evade his team of elite surveillance gurus in Channel 4's fugitive show.

Matt, from Clayton-Le-Moors, has now survived the first three episodes in this series of Hunted, and at the show's half way point, he's showing no signs of stopping until he gets his hands on that £100,000 prize money.

In Thursday night's episode, the 29-year-old Marine made his way over the Welsh border and into Gloucestershire, but not before the hunters tried to 'flush him out' by following him with a drone.

Hiding out in a farm and making his way into some woods, Matt managed to avoid the drone and the ground teams long enough to organise a meet-up with his wife Lindsey.

With two teams already captured and only three episodes left in the series, Matt said he is 'in it to win it'.