JOBS are under threat at an East Lancashire manufacturer after a visit from their American owners.

Bosses at Uniroyal Global have confirmed that a number of positions at the Earby plant are in jeopardy within their calender section, which makes PVC sheeting.

But management says no definitive numbers of those affected had yet been decided.

The former Wardle Storeys operation was taken over by Uniroyal, which has its headquarters in Wisconsin, in 2013.

A Uniroyal UK spokesman said: “This is a decision which has been taken by our corporate headquarters in the United States, which has confirmed that we are intending to exit from the calender operation.

“We are looking to do this in a way which causes the least disruption for our employees and our customers.

“The number of positions which this will affect has yet to be determined.

“We are looking at a number of options and are hopeful of retaining as many jobs as possible.

“The company is currently in consultation with the unions regarding this process.”

He confirmed that the company was examining a number of production alternatives, to minimise the number of redundancies required.

The workforce at the factory, which relocated from the town centre to purpose-built premises on West Craven Drive, is around 230.

Uniroyal’s announcement is the latest potential employment blow for West Craven after Rolls Royce confirmed that it was looking to shed another 60 posts late last year.

Over the past couple of years the firm, which makes products for general industrial and the automotive sector at Earby, became embroiled in a number of environmental headaches, following complaints from nearby residents.

Neighbours first complained about a ‘roaring’ sound being caused by a generator at the plant.

This was followed by continuing upset over “sticky, brown fallout” which was said to be coming from an industrial chimney at the site and landing on nearby cars and properties.

Later the company unveiled £1.6 million spending plans to remedy the problems, after consulting with local environmental health officers.

Cllr Morris Horsfield, one of the Earby ward representatives on Pendle Council, said: "I've heard that it's the calender section which has been affected.

"Uniroyal, or Wardles, as it was known, has been a major employer in Earby for a long while and it's a shame for those involved.

"Perhaps if we eventually sort out what's happening with Brexit then they might have a bit more stability. No-one really knows what the future is going to hold at the moment. I hope they can find jobs for those under threat."