BURNLEY MP Julie Cooper has rejected a second Euro referendum as the solution to the current Parliamentary deadlock over Brexit.

She spoke out after Labour colleagues Blackburn MP Kate Hollern and Hyndburn’s Graham Jones said it may to the only way to break the political logjam.

Mrs Cooper said: “The first priority now is to ensure that ‘no deal’ doesn’t happen.

"Businesses have implored me to stop us leaving the EU without a deal

“I don’t think a second referendum is the answer, not least because it would require legislation for it to go ahead which would take months. We can’t afford to waste any more time.”

A special report on Brexit and Pendle published by the London School of Economics this week reveals: “There is a clear consensus that if there was a second referendum held today, Pendle’s vote would be the same or even more strongly Leave.

"At the 2016 Brexit referendum the Leave vote in Pendle was 63.15 per cent. This is close to 12 per cent above the national average, and roughly 10 per cent above the regional average of 53.65 percent in the North West.

The study, which says that overall the effects of Brexit on Pendle show 'a mixed picture', will be discussed at a seminar at Nelson’s Ace Centre tomorrow at 6.30pm.