It was touch and go for Matt Mason on last night's episode of Channel 4's Hunted.

The Royal Marine from Clayton-le-Moors managed to evade the experts but left viewers on tenterhooks, thinking, 'for just how long?'

Thursday's episode started with Peter Bleksley and his team of surveillance gurus slightly worried as they knew Matt would be 'revelling in the challenge of testing them'.

Making tracks for Snowdonia, the 29-year-old made a school boy error in his planning - leaving a hard drive and phone at home, which the hunters confiscated and subsequently uncovered his Google search history, enabling them to preempt his every move.

Matt Mason promises best is to come as he tries to escape Hunters in C4 show

After successfully catching their first fugitives, Paul and Nick, the hunters turned their focus to Matt, deploying three ground teams, a drone and sniffer dogs.

Oblivious to their tactics, the lad from Accy was confident his plan was fool proof, coming out with more cracking one liners: "I can't see Peter Bleksley on his zimmer frame coming up here.

"I'm gonna take back control and let them know that they are not in charge. I really wanna p*ss them off."

How wrong he was though. After sending Bleksley and co. a taunting present through the post, (a t-shirt saying 'catch me if you can') the hunters upped their game.

Tracking Matt to Wales, they attempted to intercept him at Abergavenny.

It was here that Matt's Marine senses kicked in, his gut feeling telling him something was drastically wrong. Realising he'd made a mistake, and with the hunters almost upon him, he halted his journey to reassess his movements.

It was then the credits rolled, and viewers were left wondering what next weeks' episode would have in store.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Matt said: "'It was a good episode last night with lots going on. It seems they are throwing quite a lot of assets my way in a bid to get me.

"It was great to look back and see my son Harry looking so small from when it was filmed in June.

"Snowdon is an amazing part of the UK and it was fantastic to spend my first 10 days on the run there.

"Next week should be interesting as I move into England."

Catch Matt on Channel 4 next week at 9pm.