BRITAIN could be sliding into a second Euro-referendum as the only way to break Parliament’s Brexit deadlock, two MPs believe.

Hyndburn’s Graham Jones and his Blackburn Labour colleague believe a new public vote may be the only way to free the political logjam.

But Ribble Valley Tory Nigel Evans rejected a second referendum as a betrayal of the 2016 Euro-referendum which would make matters worse.

The arch-Brexiteer said clarifying the Northern Ireland backstop to win back the Democratic Unionist Party was the first step to a workable deal.

The MPs were speaking yesterday after Theresa May’s Brexit deal was rejected by the House of Commons by a record 230 votes and the Prime Minister on Wednesday survived a ‘Vote of no confidence’ by just 19.

Backbencher Mr Jones said: “We have deadlock in Parliament. People have passionately held views on all sides.

“There are six or seven different opinions on what should happen next but no single one will get 50 per cent of MPs votes.

“Business tell me a ‘no deal’ Brexit will be bad news and I believe them.

“I am starting to think that a second referendum with a ‘no deal' option explicitly on the ballot paper is the only way out of the Parliamentary impasse.”

Mrs Hollern, an aide to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said: “I think a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic and a disaster for East Lancashire.

"We need a deal that secures a new customs union that protects businesses, worker and environmental standards and secures access to the single market.

"I do not believe Parliament’s choice is simply between this bad deal or no deal at all. It is important that parties of all political persuasions get around the table and find real solutions.If no solution can be found a public vote must be an option.”

Mr Evans, who met with Mrs May yesterday, said: "The first step is to sort out the Northern Ireland backstop by putting an time limit on it or adding an escape clause.

"That would bring the DUP back on board along with some others. Then we need assurances on free trade with the rest of the world, no customs union, and control of immigration. I hope there will not be a no deal Brexit which would damage the EU as much as the UK but we would have £39m to cushion the effect. A second referendum would be a betrayal of the 2016 result and only make the current situation worse."