A 30-YEAR-OLD drug user was found dead by paramedics at his home, an inquest heard.

Jordan Cook was found in his Clitheroe home on May 28 after relatives called an ambulance.

The inquest at Blackburn Town Hall heard how family and friends had not heard from Mr Cook for several days, sparking their concern.

Paramedics found Mr Cook dead at his home in Carlton Place. Police were then called and they ruled out any suspicious circumstances.

Coroner Richard Taylor said drug equipment was found near the body.

He said: "An empty pack of valium was found, as was a tin foil device, which looked like it had been used for smoking drugs.

"A CT scan revealed that there were no natural causes behind Mr Cook's death, which led to a toxicology examination being carried out.

"This confirmed the presence of cocaine, sleeping tablets and anti-depressants in his system. It also couldn't rule out the possibility that there may have been heroin present."

The inquest heard Mr Cook's family and partner had been concerned about his drug use and that he was struggling with his addiction.

Mr Taylor concluded: "This was a young man who was struggling with his drug problem. The correct conclusion in this case was that this was a drug-related death. Jordan Cook ingested an excess of drugs."