A 999 nuisance caller with a grudge against social services who repeatedly breaches a criminal behaviour order has been jailed.

Blackburn magistrates heard Lance Cook was still subject to a suspended prison sentence for his last breach when he fell foul of the order again.

Cook, 58, of Springbank Terrace, Mill Hill, Blackburn, admitted breaching the order by calling 999 to discuss social services not letting him see his sons.

He was jailed for 14 days for the offence and a further 14 days for being in breach of a suspended sentence.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the criminal behaviour order was made in June 2016 and there had been numerous breaches resulting in several custodial sentences.

The latest offence was committed when Cook rang 999 at about 10pm on Tuesday and complained about social services.

He said he was going to end his life by hanging himself and police were despatched.

Miss Allan said the order had been imposed because of the defendant’s grievance with social services.

He was not allowed to enter the social services offices, use threatening or abusive behaviour towards any emergency worker or social services employee or use the 999 service other than in an emergency.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said the defendant’s two sons were now grown up but his client had always had concerns about their treatment by social services when they were young.

“This has become a very major problem in his life,” said Mr Taylor.

“Many years ago he reported matters to social services and the police and always thought nothing had been done about it.

“That has led to a further deterioration in his mental health and that coupled with his chronic alcoholism leads to this kind of situation.”

Mr Taylor said when he had sobered up Cook had no recollection of what had gone on.