A LIVESTOCK animal feed firm has farmed out its IT support needs to an East Lancashire technology outfit.

Dugdale Nutrition, based in Clitheroe, has been around for 160 years and knows all about agricultural dietary needs.

But when it comes to their online needs, they have placed their faith in Burnley provider Holker IT.

Matthew Collinge, Dugdale’s IT manager, said: “The pace of business means having the right level of IT is paramount.

“We utilise a demanding 24/7 operation and need to be able to rely on systems which run at maximum efficiency.”

Matthew Metcalfe, Holker’s managing director, added: “The heritage of Dugdale Nutrition is there for all to see and it remains a very forward-thinking company with a desire to stay a leader in the UK animal feeds sector.

“The project they initially set us was a challenging one, but one that we are relishing and we are looking forward to a long-term relationship as the firm continues to grow.”

Their Belman Hill factory, in Salthill, was joined by another site in Speke, near Liverpool, a few years ago.