TWO horses were rescued from a barn fire in Rishton.

Firefighters were called to the scene on Church Lane at 9pm yesterday after a call from a resident.

Hyndburn Fire Station crew manager Andy Pennington said: “We believe the fire was started by an electrical fault on a digger and it was spreading to another digger by the time we arrived.

“Luckily a lady had arrived to feed her horses, saw the fire and then contacted the owner and dialled 999.

“Because of her early intervention we were able to get there quickly and contain it and ensure there was only minimal damage to the barn.

“The owner and the lady managed to move two of the horses, which were close to the fire, further down the stable.

“None of the horses were injured and there were no human casualties.

“We were there for two hours and had two crews from Hyndburn and another two from Blackburn who were released when we got the fire under control.”