THE world of a promising student came crashing down when she was diagnosed with terminal brain tumours.

Laura Nuttall thought she had symptoms of ‘fresher’s flu’ after suffering with headaches during her first term at King’s College University in London in October.

After being violently sick, the 19-year-old from Barrowford went to hospital with her parents and was diagnosed with two brain tumours, following a CT scan.

A second scan was completed a day later and and at least six terminal tumours were found.

Nicola Nuttall, Laura’s mum, said Laura had been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer.

She said: “We were absolutely devastated by the diagnosis.

“It completely stunned us and we all found it difficult to take in. Laura was so upset.”

The international relations student had gone for a routine eye test the day before feeling ill, which was needed to join her university’s navy corps, and the optician found abnormalities behind her eye.

Laura has undergone six weeks of intense radiotherapy and chemotherapy and will have a one-month break before starting a six-month course of chemotherapy.

Mrs Nuttall, 48, said the common length of survival following diagnosis was 12 to 15 months.

She said: “We are trying to remain strong for Laura but it is incredibly difficult on everyone.

“Since her diagnosis we have come up with a bucket list and tried to do as many things as possible.

“We went to watch Sir Paul McCartney in Liverpool, we also went to meet Everton football players, including Jordan Pickford. We’re just trying to create as many memories as possible with her.”

The family are trying to raise £150,000 to pay for experimental treatment for Laura which is not currently funded on the NHS.

More than £24,000 was raised in the first two days of a Gofundme page being set up.

Mrs Nuttall, who runs Giddy Kippers play centre in Nelson, said: “The support we have had from our friends and the entire community has been overwhelming.

“We’ve had donations from people we don’t know and it’s amazing. We have to remain positive for Laura.”

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