A FATHER who overdosed on a lethal cocktail of drugs was found dead in a drug den.

Daniel John Porter was found to have taken a combination of heroin, cocaine and tranquilisers before his death in September.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates Court heard how the 38-year-old had called his mother the day before he died stating he was ‘covered in blood’ as he had just walked into a lamp-post.

His mother, Jacqueline Porter, agreed to go and pick him up, but when she arrived at the agreed location in Accrington Road, Burnley, he was nowhere to be seen.

He was later discovered to have gone to a drug den on Scarlett Street in Burnley, where he died the next day.

But despite police stating there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Porter’s death, family attending the inquest were concerned there may have been some third-party involvement as he ‘always knew his limits’.

Detective Constable Alex Summers said: “There was a report the day after Mr Porter’s death that the woman who he been with at the time of his death, Dawn Pilling, had been assaulted by a member of the Porter family.

“It transpires that someone had told Mr Porter’s family that she had been the one to inject Daniel and had caused his death.”

Det Cons Summers added that there was no evidence to suggest that anybody bar Mr Porter himself had issued the fatal dose and the investigation concluded that there were no suspicious circumstances in his death.

Recording a conclusion of a drug-related death, coroner Richard Taylor said: “I know we can’t always answer all of the questions that you may have.

“But what is clear is the three drugs taken by Mr Porter were directly attributed to his death.

"This was drug-related.

"He was found dead having ingested an excess of drugs," Mr Taylor added.