DISCOUNT retail store Poundland has been criticised for selling what some people are calling ‘sexist sweets’.

The ‘booby’ and ‘booty’-shaped marshmallows, which are on sale in stores for 50p (although the Lancashire Telegraph was able to buy some for the bargain price of 25p), encourages customers to ‘squidge the cheeks’ of the bottom, while labelling the boobs as ‘a cracking pair’.

Available in Poundland’s novelty section in The Mall Blackburn, the items also come packaged with phrases such as ‘undress and enjoy’ and ‘be gentle’.

Despite their seemingly tongue-in-cheek message, the store has come under fire for being sexist, as people say there appeared to be no male-themed sweets on sale in the store.

And one Blackburn Poundland customer even branded them ‘degrading’.

The woman, 60, from Whalley, said: “I wouldn’t buy, look or even entertain anything like this. I’m all for equal opportunities, and I understand that people’s opinions on subjects like this will differ but I think it’s quite degrading for women and things like this shouldn’t be on sale.”

However, there seems to have been a split opinion on the saucy confectionery, with another shopper saying she thought they were completely harmless.

Soffia Chothia, from Blackburn, said: “I think they’re great for things like hen dos. They’re a novelty aren’t they. I don’t see anything wrong with them. I’d actually like to see men’s sweets like this, it’s just a sweet at the end of the day.”

A spokesperson for Poundland said: “If something’s offended you, we won’t force you to buy it. It’s fine for you to look the other way and ignore it. Here at Poundland, we think it’s ok that sometimes we don’t always get it right for everyone.

“Because, frankly, it’s impossible to do that. Just because someone doesn’t like something we do, we also believe that doesn’t give them the automatic right to stop us doing it for thousands of other people who like it.”