DOG owners are being warned about poisoned meat being left out at a park after one dog was taken to a vet after eating it.

Several dog walkers came across the meat at Bullough Park in Accrington and a women's dog became ill.

Adam George was out for a morning walk on Saturday when his Akita cross German Shephard, ran to a ball of what looked like pork on the grass.

Before two-year-old Scarla could get to it, Mr George saw the black pellets in the meat and immediately disposed of it.

The 17-year-old from Accrington, said: “The meat looked to be a ball of pork with black pellets in like insect poison.

"It was in plain sight just as you walk onto Bullough Park by the side entrance on Willows Lane in Fern Gore.

“My dog went straight towards it but luckily I spotted it and got her away and got rid of it. I am scared for the safety of other dogs, who may not be on a lead.

“The meat was a substantial amount like a good handful moulded into a ball.

"A couple of nights before me and my mum saw a Facebook post where a woman’s dog had eaten some of the meat from the same park and was taken ill.”

Mr George and his mum found more of the meat on Tuesday morning, this time on the path leading from Hopwood Street to the side of the Globe Bowling Club in Accrington.