A LAW student who battled depression has set up a foundation to help those who struggle with their mental health.

Lewis Baxter will launch The Blurred Line Foundation at the end of the month. It will aim to support charities and organisations by providing them with funding to help people in the Ribble Valley.

The 20-year-old’s foundation has around £7,500 available to be applied for by groups and projects that support residents in the borough.

The former Clitheroe Royal Grammar School student said he was excited to get the project running.

He said: “It’s been a whirlwind. When we set up this idea it was originally a mental health day held on September 8 last year.

“But we managed to raise almost £4,000 on the day and to get this matched from the Community Foundation for Lancashire, so we have £7,500 to share.

“Charities will be able to apply for up to £750 each, to assist them with the vital work they undertake. Eligible projects must benefit residents in the Ribble Valley. Groups who are based in other parts of Lancashire are welcome to apply, providing work takes place in the Ribble Valley or can demonstrate Ribble Valley residents are the beneficiaries.”

The undergraduate, from Langho, spoke to the Lancashire Telegraph in 2017 about his battle with depression and how it almost overcame him. He told the newspaper he had withdrawn from family and friends, and turned down invitations to social gatherings, feeling little motivation as life moved on around him.

But now Mr Baxter, who had presented a breakfast-time slot on Ribble Valley FM, aims to help others and try to encourage people to speak out about the illness.

He said: “Mental health is not talked about enough, especially in rural areas like the Ribble Valley.

“During our mental health day in September we had more than 1,000 people come to us which proves there are lots of people out there who want to engage with other people about it.

“Funding will become available to apply for at the end of the month and I ask everyone to keep an eye on ‘The Blurred Line’ on Facebook.”