A GRANDMOTHER who took a fatal cocktail of painkillers was found dead in her home by her daughter.

An inquest at Burnley Magistrates Court heard how Pauline Hives, 60, also had traces of alcohol in her system, despite the fact she had been sober for more than 11 years.

A toxicology exam carried out on Mrs Hives' body revealed that she had taken three types of painkillers - Codeine, Tramadol and Amitriptyline and Coroner Richard Taylor added,: "Individually, each painkiller was of such a high dosage that even without each other they were of fatal amounts.”

Speaking at the inquest, her daughter Donna Hives said she felt her mother had waited to overdose until she knew she would be found by one of her children.

She said: "I can't help but feel as though she knew that I would find her. I had recently moved to the area from Burnley and we were looking forward to being closer to her.

"We felt as though she would have more purpose in her life after we moved closer and she would have the grandchildren around."

It was also heard that Mrs Hives wasn't a very sociable person and had recently had arguments with some members of her family.

Donna Hives went on to say that her mother had battled with alcohol throughout her life but had been sober for 11 years.

When family were cleaning out her home on Captain Street in Weir, Bacup, they found two empty wine bottles and plastic bags full of pills in the kitchen.

Donna Hives added: "I was with her the night before and she was completely normal, she had a bath and was cleaning the oven. These aren't things people do if they are about to do what she did."

Concluding that Mrs Hives had intended to kill herself, Mr Taylor said: "She was a troubled lady. The family were doing their best at that time to try and make her feel like she had more purpose.

"When you look at the amount of pills that she took, it is clear this was a very deliberate and determined act.

"On balance I have no option but to reach the conclusion that she did take her own life. This was a suicide.

"She was found dead having consumed an excess of medication."