PROGRESS has been made in agreeing the lease of Pendle Heritage Centre from the borough council to Pendle Heritage Trust.

And the freehold for the centre, as well as Barrowford memorial park is to be transferred to Barrowford parish council once the lease is completed.

The council, at its meeting in September, requested a progress report to this meeting on the variation of the lease of the Pendle Heritage Centre.

A meeting was held with the chairman of Pendle Heritage Trust and their legal advisor last month to discuss the main issues.

It has been agreed to grant a 100-year lease to the North West Heritage Trust, who will sublet the centre to Pendle Heritage Trust.

Council bosses hope the move will allow the trust to make money through events, with cash to be invested back into the centre.

The Trust will continue to be responsible for the maintenance and repair of drains, sewers, pipes, cables and streams which pass through the land.

Corporate director Philip Mousdale said: "In summary, good progress has been made so far and the new lease will be finalised as soon as possible; the intention being that the council will then be in a position to deal with the transfer of the freehold of the Heritage Centre and Barrowford Memorial Park to Barrowford Parish Council by April 1."