A WOMAN was caught shoplifting just two days after she had been made subject to a suspended prison sentence for similar offences.

Blackburn magistrates heard Rebecca Louise Waldon had become a prolific offender in the last seven months, prior to which she had only one conviction for child neglect.

But the court was told her three children had been taken from her and eventually adopted which had driven her to alcohol.

Waldron, 28, of Market Street, Shawforth, Bacup, pleaded guilty to stealing three nail gift sets from Boots.

She was jailed for a total of nine weeks after the suspended sentence was activated and ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Waldron was known to staff in Boots because she had recently been caught stealing and was banned from the store.

She was seen removing cosmetic gift sets and ran off when challenged, dropping some of the items but escaped with three gift sets.

Miss Allan said the record showed a conviction against Waldron for child neglect in 2014 and nothing else until April of this year.

"Since then she has had four convictions for a total of 28 offences of shoplifting culminating in the suspended sentence imposed on December 4 for four offences of shoplifting.

"The latest offence was committed just two days after that," said Miss Allan.

Deanne McGinty, defending, said her client had no convictions prior to the offences in 2014 which led to her children being taken away from her.

"They have now been formally adopted and that was the catalyst for her turning to drink," said Miss McGinty.

"Things spiralled out of control, so much so that she is ignoring court orders, even a last chance saloon suspended sentence. She is isolated, on her own and in a sad, desperate situation."