CALLS have been made to introduce traffic cameras on the M65 in a bid to tackle speeding motorists.

Concerned motorist Chris Johnson has spoken out about the cameras after he was undertaken by high-powered cars on the hard shoulder of the motorway.

The 66-year-old, a tutor from Burnley, said he was travelling between Burnley and Barrowford when two cars raced past him doing well over the 70mph speed limit.

Mr Johnson said he has called for cameras to be installed near Blackburn, Burnley and Nelson before innocent lives are lost through dangerous driving.

He said: “There’s sadly not enough police resources to have officers on the motorways checking the highways and drivers know this.

“They fly down the motorway at night and know they can use it as a race track because there’s no one there to stop them.

“It’s incredibly dangerous, an innocent person will be killed because of this ridiculous driving.

“Only cameras are going to stop them.”

A recent Lancashire Telegraph investigation revealed speeds of 95mph, 94mph and 93mph were recorded on various locations on the M65 in the last 12 months.

Andrew Stephenson, Pendle’s MP, said he approved the proposal to be considered, but the evidence to bring the cameras in would need to be there to back it up.

He said: “Anything we can do to improve road safety is important.

“But we need to prioritise the roads that are dangerous and have had several incidents and deaths on there before.

“There’s always the issue of drivers slowing down for cameras and then speeding off again.

“We have police cameras on the A682 Gisburn Road, which was one of the most dangerous roads in terms of accidents in Pendle.”