A 50-YEAR-OLD woman died after calling police to tell them she was going to take her own life.

At 9.38am on Friday October 19 2018, Anila Zubairy from Whalley, made a 999 phone call , leaving a brief message explaining her intentions, before hanging up.

Evidence read out at the inquest in Preston, by Coroner Richard Taylor, stated that Mrs Zubairy's number was swiftly traced by worried call handlers and police immediately made their way to her home in Hawthorn Close, Whalley.

Mr Taylor said: "When police arrived at Mrs Zubairy's address, the doors were locked and they had to force entry to the property.

"Officers then discovered her hanging from the landing at the top of the stairs."

Mr Taylor explained how the police then assisted in cutting Mrs Zubairy down before administering CPR, however by this point, it was sadly thought she was already dead.

Paramedics had been called to the scene and an ambulance arrived at her address at 10.11am.

Mrs Zubairy was pronounced dead at 10.14 that morning.

A statement read out by Mr Taylor from consultant radiologist Dr Vinay Parmar, stated that the cause of death was one of hanging.

Mrs Zubairy's family were not present at the inquest and in summing up, Mr Taylor said: "Given the circumstances I make a finding that Mrs Zubairy died on October 19 at her home address having hanged herself.

"The intention to take her own life was made clear in the phone call she made to the police, and I return a conclusion that this was a suicide."