A RAPIST delivery driver who stalked a former work colleague has been warned he faces an extended spell in prison after a court ruled he posed a danger to the public.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Abdul Basit stalked his victim, who knew he had a conviction for rape, from her home in Accrington to her brother’s house in Middleton.

He was due to be sentenced by a Judge last week but the case was adjourned for a week after it was ruled that 26-year-old Basit was dangerous and should be given an extended prison sentence.

When asked by Recorder Christopher Hudson asked probation officer Peter Slater if he thought Basit was dangerous, he responded: “He certainly is. He poses a significant risk of causing serious harm to the public through further offending.”

At a previous hearing, Blackburn magistrates heard Basit started stalking his victim by contacting her through social media. When that was blocked he turned up outside her house and asked her to get into his car.

That incident lead to a police harassment warning, but last month the woman was driving home from work on the M62 when she realised he was following her.

Neil White, prosecuting at the magistrates court, said Basit got to know the victim while they were both working for the courier firm DPD.

She said he was no more than a work colleague who she would say hello to and occasionally exchange a few words with. Towards the end of last year he added her as a friend on Facebook which she didn’t find unusual because other work colleagues were also Facebook friends.

Basit was sacked after it was realised he hadn’t revealed a conviction - something he is currently appealing - for raping a child and sexual assault on a child under the age of 13 in April 2014.

“The victim learned of his previous conviction in March, after he had been dismissed,” said Mr White. “She Googled his name and read about his past convictions and after that blocked him.”

In May she got a long message from a new account asking her for a date. “He created a new account so he could contact her again,” said Mr White.

On October 5 she finished work and travelled home to Accrington.

“As she got out of her car someone flashed their lights at her and beeped their horn.

“She saw it was the defendant.”

Mr White added on October 25 she was driving home from work on the M62 when someone flashed their lights behind her.

“The car then passed her and she realised it was the defendant,” said Mr White.

The defendant then followed her all the way to her brother’s house in Middleton.

Mr White said as soon as the aggrieved arrived at the house she ran inside and her brother confronted the defendant.

Basit, 26, of Hurtley Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to stalking involving serious alarm and distress.

The case was adjourned until December 13. Basit was remanded in custody.