AN Eighties pop icon enjoyed creating a modern masterpiece in East Lancashire so much that he returned for an encore with a leading beds company.

Martyn Ware, founder of Human League and later lynchpin of Heaven 17, was behind a musical installation inspired by Northern Soul venue Tony’s, in Blackburn, for the town’s Festival of Making, earlier this year.

And when he was given the opportunity to extend his work, by Barnoldswick-based Silentnight, he couldn’t say no.

Martyn originates from Sheffield, the Steel City, and was intrigued by the sights and sounds generated at their factory in Long Ing Lane.

The kaleidoscope of sounds, from the mattress testing labs to the embroidery machines, headboard construction equipment and conveyor belts, was music to the ears of the 62-year-old.

Working with his production company, Illustrious, all parties were pleased with the eventual outcome.

He said: “The project with Silentnight is fascinating and I’m thrilled to be involved in producing the soundtrack.

“I’ve always been passionate about the manufacturing industry and there is something extremely profound about bringing sounds together to create a niche piece of music. Following a visit to the test lab last year, it struck me how stimulating the various components and sounds in the factory are.

“The soundtrack we have produced celebrates the quality manufacturing by Silentnight and our video allowed us to create choreography to accompany it - showcasing the teamwork and coordination of the staff and machinery.”

Nick Booth, marketing director at Silentnight added: “Martyn’s musical expertise aligned with our manufacturing expertise has allowed us to create a unique and modern soundtrack, which brings to life what we do here in the factory, and celebrates how we work in rhythm.

“We’re incredibly pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to working closely with Martyn on developing further sound to aid people to sleep.”

Martyn’s last trip to the red rose county saw him with work with Festival of Making organisers on a project revolving around the former Tony’s Empress Ballroom.

The old venue, above King William Street, was a Northern Soul mecca, especially after the Wigan Casino was put out of action in May 1981. He appealed for mementoes or flyers from the club’s heyday and was on hand at the festival to explain how his soundscape came together.

People interested in the finished article can watch a video of the Silentnight venture at