THERE are few things that force me to sit down, make myself a cup of PG Tips and write. This particular issue has dogged me for many months. I would say I have become almost obsessed with it.

I know there are far more important things to worry about when you are 45, losing your hair and realising you are just not the man you once were. And no this is not the daftest point to raise.

This road layout (pictured) outside Blackburn Railway Station came into being some time back. At the beginning people did not fully understand it. Was the layby for parking? Were both cars and buses permitted to go straight on? Was it a special road for special cars?

In the first few weeks I decided to go straight and then a camera appeared and a sign which asked me to veer to the left (into the layby) and come back out on to the main road.

The idea was that the bus should get priority over other vehicles. This, despite there being ample space for the bus to park on the left (next to the bus shelter) to pick up passengers and allowing vehicle to pass on the right.

There was no need for vehicles to go to the left and into the layby.

Then it dawned on me. I was actually…and excuse the pun here, being taken for a ride.

I can sense when this road was built those funding it wanted the bus to get priority. Even they must be looking at this now and thinking… ‘My god I can’t believe they fell for that one’.

The left-hand lane here should quite clearly be an area where people can drop off their passengers. It makes no difference to the bus, the council or the universe in general if drivers go straight.

Making us veer to the left and then stop at a junction when there is hardly a bus to give way to is clearly the height of stupidity.

And then it occurred to me there are in fact things far worse than this. What about those poor people who still decide to go straight here and are then fined for doing the obvious?