A SHOPPER says he was shocked to find toilet cubicles without doors in a retail centre.

Basharat Ali says he made the discovery when he went to a men’s toilets at Pendle Rise shopping centre in Nelson.

He has slammed the state of the toilets as a total shambles and said there was a privacy issue.

Stephen Bell, a manager at the centre, said that they have more than 50,000 visitors a week and no one else had complained about the issue.

Mr Bell added: “There were other public toilets available at the centre.

"The toilets mentioned have been closed off due to refurbishment.

"The leak on part of the bridge is also under refurbishment."

But Mr Ali, of Holly Street, Nelson, said: “It’s not good enough.

“I went into the toilets at the shopping centre recently and another man walked in behind me as well.

“I then saw there were no doors on the toilets.

“How do they expect people to use the toilet?

“There are clear privacy issues here and it’s a total shambles.”

Mr Ali, 46, also raised concerns about what he says is the dangerous state of two glass units of a bridge in the shopping centre and a water leak from the roof of the bridge.

He said: “The bridge is a walkway between the town centre and the car park.

“There are two glass units dangerously broken at the bottom of the bridge, ready to smash into cars below if they’re gently pushed by a person passing by on the bridge.

“There is also a water leak in the roof of the bridge.

“The shopping centre isn’t being maintained and it’s just in a very poor state.

“There are clear health and safety issues.

“I’m a proud Nelson person and live in the town and want people to visit it and the shopping centre but lots of shoppers are going to Burnley instead.

“They should be making it more attractive so people use it.”