A MOTHER has been banned from contacting her daughter after she smeared paint on the younger woman's kitchen window.

Blackburn magistrates heard the incident followed Tasmin Ashworth's son being savaged by her dog.

But the court was told ill-feeling between the two of them went back to when another son and brother hanged himself when he was just 16.

Ashworth, 52, of Holly Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to damaging a window belonging to Chelsea Edwards. She was fined £40 and ordered to pay £100 compensation. She was made subject to a restraining order for six months.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said because of issues between them there was little contact between the two women.

"Last week, prior to the incident, the victim's brother had been bitten by her mother's dog and he had facial injuries," said Miss Allan.

"She was asked to take him to hospital but when she went to collect him her mother started saying she would have to look after him because she wasn't going to be around.

"She says her mother often makes threats to kill herself and it is upsetting because another member of the family actually did commit suicide," said Miss Allan.

The morning after Miss Edwards was woken by a neighbour who said she had seen a woman throwing black paint at her window and she knew from the description it was her mother.

Ashworth, who was not represented, said her son hanged himself when he was sixteen years old. Before that she and her daughter had been "so close."

"Since that everything has fallen apart and we have not got on," she said.

"Nothing was ever right ever again."

She said the incident with the dog, which was put down, had left her son with his "face ripped off."

"Having seen my son's face ripped open I wasn't thinking properly," she said.