A SEAMSTRESS who specialises in bridal wear will be making her own wedding dress.

Emily Jay, who runs Colne business, Sew in Love, is getting married next year and has been preparing the outfit she will be wearing for her wedding day.

The 30-year-old, from Salterforth, has been keeping the design of her dress a secret, which will not be revealed until the big day on January 12.

In the last four weeks the former Nelson and College student has not only been preparing for her wedding but celebrating the expansion of her four-year-old business.

Sew in Love started out in one unit in Shackleton Hall, a Victorian arcade in the heart of Colne, in 2014. Two years ago her business had grown so much she needed more space and took on another bigger unit in the arcade.

But last month she reluctantly closed the door at Shackleton Hall for the final time and moved into the former Rennie Goths sweet and tobacco shop, on Albert Road.

Ms Jay said: “It’s incredible how fast we’ve grown, last year alone we made alterations for around 400 brides.

“I loved being in Shackleton Hall, it was an absolutely perfect place to start out.

“Everyone who came for fittings always remarked on how lovely it was. If I could have taken on all of the units I would have.”

Now four years later Ms Jay, who has a degree in costume design from Huddersfield University, and two full time seamstresses, one of whom is her mum, have plenty of space at their stunning new premises.

The former Nelson and College student added: "The town has changed so much over the past four years and it really feels like it’s on the up as new shops and cafes open.

“I’m really pleased that we could find new premises on Albert Road, a stone’s throw away from where I started out.”

Cllr Paul White, leader of Pendle Council, said: “I’m delighted to hear of Emily’s success.

“Shackleton Hall was transformed to give independent businesses like Sew in Love a fantastic place to start out.”

The £2m development of Shackleton Hall, which dates back to 1888, was created by PEARL2, in partnership between Pendle Council and local developer Barnfield Investment Properties.