A DISABLED man was left suffering seizures in a car after a hit-and-run collision.

Ian Roberts said he was driving his wheelchair-bound father home when a black Citroen car crashed into them while they waited at traffic lights in Trafalgar Street, Burnley, on Monday.

The 37-year-old said his father, James Roberts, who was in the passenger seat, started having fits as a result of the crash and suffered injuries to his wrist.

Ian, who cares full-time for his father, who is wheelchair-bound, said a passenger from the black Citroen got out of the car and came over to his car, but the driver then drove away and left them all behind.

The father-of-two, from Burnley, said he couldn’t believe the driver abandoned the pair of them and his passenger.

He said: “The car hit me after the lights had gone green and I had literally just set off. It sent us about 10ft forward.

“Fortunately the car ahead had got out of the way.

“I was pleased the passenger got out to see if we were okay, I was worried for my dad as he was having fits.

“But the driver of the other car didn’t care what happened to us, or his friend, he never got out and drove away.”

Ian said paramedics were called and they were taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital and treated for whiplash injuries and James’ injured wrist.

He said: “My dad is okay now, he’s a bit shook up.

“I’ve got neck and shoulder aches but that’s natural due to the crash.

“I was very annoyed the man just drove off without checking to see if we were okay.

“My car’s going to be repaired soon, it suffered back bumper damage and fortunately nothing else.”

A police spokesman said: “A man was taken to hospital to be checked over after it was reported he had a fit.

“One of the vehicles failed to stop at the scene.”