A YOUNG boy has raised £150 for Children In Need through a car wash over the weekend.

Eight-year-old Quintin-Reid-Andrew Fuller wanted to raise money to help poorly children after he found out he was ill as a baby. His Dad, Darren Fuller told him that Children In Need helped young children who were unwell, prompting Quintin to want to do something for them.

Quintin's Dad, Mr Fuller said: "We told Quintin that when he was born he had Meconium Aspiration and was in the NICU for 2 weeks. He had breathing difficulties and we told him what Children In Need do and he said himself he wanted to help them.

He was shocked when he found out, and after the car wash, we sat on the floor counting the money raised and he was so excited and happy to have raised so much money for the children.

The charity car wash took place on the Fullers' drive at their home in Brierfield, Nelson on Saturday November 19, raising £150 to help other young sick children.

Meconium Aspiration is a condition in newborn babies that affects their breathing and gives them low blood pressure and limpness. It can be fatal is left untreated.