TK Maxx has been urged to pull a candle from sales after a woman claimed it shot up in flames at her home.

Emily Milburn, 21, from Rishton, said the £3.99 candle she purchased from TK Maxx in Blackburn, erupted into flames before her eyes at her home earlier this month.

After lighting the candle for around half-an hour, Ms Milburn claims the Wax Lyrical candle lit up in flames, causing her to jump to action and tackle the blaze.

Luckily she noticed what was happening straight away as she was sat at her desk browsing her computer and ran with the candle to her bathroom sink, where she put out the flames and cleared the wax.

The scented candle has damaged Ms Milburn’s office desk and she has had to repaint her wall which also suffered damage.

Ms Milburn, who lives with partner Curtis Smith, now wants the brand of candles taken off the shelves from all TK Maxx stores.

She said: “I’d bought the Wax Lyrical candle quite a few times before and never had any problems with them.

“It’s a scented candle a bit like a Yankee candle and I used to have them in every room of my house before what had happened.

“I bought the candle earlier this month for £3.99 and it set on fire on November 8 at my home.

“I was just sat on my desk on my computer and the candle had only been lit for half an hour.

“It was then that I noticed flames coming out of the tin and I was just shocked.

“So I rolled my jumper over my hand and grabbed the candle and ran to the bathroom where I had to clear the wax from the sink.

“It has marked my desk badly and I’ve had to repaint the wall in the room but I’m just really fortunate that it didn’t set fire to my home.”

Ms Milburn said she complained to the store the next day but was advised to contact customer services.

She said she has been offered a £35 voucher as a goodwill gesture from TK Maxx and a promise the incident will be investigated.

She added: “I’m not interested in the compensation and I want the product taken off the shelves until it’s been investigated at least.

“I want people to know what’s happened as the candle could be unsafe and it’s in stores in Blackburn, Manchester, Burnley and Preston.”

TK Maxx were unavailable for comment when approached by the Lancashire Telegraph.