A COUNTY and borough councillor - censured for allowing a video supporting EDL leader Tommy Robinson to be posted on his Facebook account - says he has no intention of undergoing social media training.

Cllr Alan Hosker, who represents the Hapton with Park ward for UKIP on Burnley Council, was hauled before the authority's standards committee following a complaint by Labour's Cllr Joanne Greenwood.

And a three-strong panel, chaired by deputy mayor Cllr Anne Kelly, ruled that he had brought his office into disrepute by his actions.

The video, which was removed three days later, is said to have featured racist chanting, which the standards hearing considered equated to "offensive and anti-Islamic content".

By allowing the posting on his site, they felt he had 'endorsed' the content of the video.

His punishment was to undergo social media and data protection training, within three months of the ruling, to ensure there was no repeat of his conduct.

But Cllr Hosker, who is also Padiham and Burnley West county councillor, said: "I'm not having it anyway.

"It was someone else who posted it on my Facebook. I've apologised to the county council and it's an end to the matter as far as I'm concerned.

"I know I've cost them three seats on the council but this isn't right."

In another social media post, he added: "Residents of my area will be my judge, not other councillors who just try to point score by trying to drag me down at every opportunity they can.

"It's just due to them losing their seats because of their failure to serve and letting our area down.

"I will not let these councillors or ex-councillors drag me down to their level."

Cllr Hosker was also told again that he must manage his own Facebook page and not share the passwords with any third parties.

He was said to have disregarded the outcome of another complaint into his online activities, following which he had pledged to manage his own social media account.