A SOCIAL worker from East Lancashire is set to face his professional watchdog - accused of questioning the looks of a child’s mother.

Angus Welsh, who was said to be working as an agency worker for Lancashire County Council at the time, is also set to face questions regarding a number of “inappropriate” text messages he allegedly sent to the same mother.

Welsh, who is understood to come from Barnoldswick, is currently suspended by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), after an investigation committee originally ruled there was a case to answer.

No date has so far been given by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service for when the final hearing is set to take place over the claims.

But an interim suspension order was confirmed by the watchdog during a review hearing, which took place last month.

Welsh is facing two main claims, which each relate to his work for the county council between October 2016 and January 2017.

He has been accused, on either January 26 or 28, of sending inappropriate text messages to the mother of an unnamed child.

Welsh is also said to have behaved inappropriately towards the same woman on a number of other occasions, including speaking down to her during a meeting over her child’s care.

The HCPC says he is also accused of threatening to bring the case back to court, which would consider the issue of the child being removed from her care.

And on a home visit, he is alleged to have made comments about how she looked, questioned what the child’s father had lost and ‘what he had now ended up with’, and warned her, on another occasion, not to ‘lead him on’.

The circumstances of the case are said to have left the woman feeling ‘uncomfortable and distressed’ and his conduct is alleged to have been sexually motivated and constitute misconduct.