A DRIVER has been slammed for leaving his car parked on a zebra crossing opposite a primary school.

The incident involving a white tow truck occurred outside an infant school near Nelson Police Station at around 8am today.

The vehicle was parked on a blind corner and busy road for seven hours, with no attempt to remove it or inform the police.

Brierfield community beat manager Stephen Murphy described the actions of the driver as 'totally unacceptable'.

On Nelson, Brierfield and Barrowford Police's Facebook page, he said: "Failure to contact the police, stay with the vehicle or have it removed in over seven hours opposite a primary school does put lives in danger and is totally unacceptable."

The owner, who faces a fine and points on their licence, has not turned themselves into police and their vehicle has been taken into a holding pen.

Mr Murphy added: "I tried to locate the owner without success, however this is not our responsibility.

"There wasn't even a note left on the vehicle. The driver could have walked to Nelson police station in under 10 minutes to report it if no other option was available to him. No excuses.

"If someone had been run over trying to cross for school this morning or this afternoon I'm sure most people would have another opinion on who should have done what in this case."