A BOUNCING baby barmaid has joined the family's trade – after being delivered at the pub where her mummy and daddy live and work.

Millie May Fairey was born at the Ribchester Arms – much to the delight of pub manager dad Liam and new mum Marie.

Emergency services dispatched a midwife and paramedic to the popular bar and restaurant after it was decided Marie would not make it to the hospital in time.

And now little Millie May has joined the family trade and served her first customers – the Ribble Valley pub posted a picture online of the five-week-old pulling her first pint.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Marie, 31, said: “It had just gone past closing time and Liam had gone downstairs to lock up. I told him that I was not feeling well for half an hour and I would meet him upstairs.

“But when he came up I was doubled over in pain. I had not had any contractions up to that point but she came so quickly.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“We rang for an ambulance but they said because it was my first baby that there was not enough time to get to hospital so they sent a mid-wife and a paramedic and then five hours later at 3.59am she was born.

“I remember looking at her and thinking about how quickly it had all happened."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Millie weighed 6lb 5oz and has been a popular arrival at the Blackburn Road pub.

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The 31-year-old mum said: “Everybody is wanting to have a look at her and all the girls who work here are obsessed with her and it can take half an hour to get anywhere with her.

“At least we may not be short of a babysitter with all the attention she is getting.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Dad Liam is the manager of the pub while his mum and dad Phil and Tina are landlords.

Marie added: “Taking the picture behind the bar was a bit of a joke because Liam has a photograph when he was two pulling a pint and his grandma used to run a pub.

"So Millie is now the youngest member of the family to have pulled a pint.”

Lancashire Telegraph: