FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning against electrical appliances on at night after a tumble dryer fire in Barnoldswick.

The small fire on Leonard Street took place in an out-building at 21:03pm on Friday night when an electrical fault caused the tumble dryer to set alight.

Crews from Barnoldswick and Earby were at the scene for an hour putting the fire out, but nobody was said to be hurt as the occupants were in the main house at the time.

A spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We advise people to only use tumble driers and similar electrical devices when they are not home or not asleep. Do not leave them on and go to bed.

“Also, to remember to register the appliances when you get it.”

Officials said there was no risk of the fire spreading to other buildings.

There were no road closures while crews dealt with the blaze.