BUDDING surgeons got a rare chance to get hands-on experience of working in an operating theatre.

Students dissected a pig as part of a workshop to experience surgical procedures for those considering jobs in the medical field.

Blackburn Central High School hosted Operating Theatre Live, also inviting students from Tauheedul Islam Boys High School and Westholme in Blackburn, Clitheroe Royal Grammar and Runshaw College, Leyland, to take part.

Led by human anatomist Samuel Piri, who appeared on Dragon’s Den in August, the students learned a variety of medical procedures.

BCHS student Areeba Rauf said: “I learned lots of new and unique skills. It really provided an insight into what’s required to study medicine in further education. Performing the live dissections really enhanced my passion and interest in pursuing a career in medicine.”

Shiraz Mizan said: “I have always been fascinated by the workings of the human body, and this event was an amazing opportunity for me to increase my understanding of it.”

Mr Piri told them how local and general anaesthetics function before performing dissections on the brain and spinal cord of the pig to learn about how the brain is organised.

Mr Piri also showed them how to perform post mortem examination techniques when taking out and examining the heart and lungs.

Students were also given an optional workshop in special trauma, where they amputated a leg, leaving a viable stump and worked on stitching.

BCHS assistant head Tracy Reeves said: “It was an incredibly interactive event that combined lecture style lessons with dissections of pig cadavers.

“Normally a student would need to attend medical school to get hands-on like this, but we’ve got GCSE students dissecting entire pigs.

“The young people aged 14-19 also gained an understanding of the application process for medicine. I would thoroughly recommend this to any young person interested in a career in medicine, and we are looking forward to hosting the event again next year.”

A pig was used because the organs are similar to those of a human’s.