EAST LANCASHIRE residents, who voted overwhelmingly for Brexit in 2016, now back a second referendum on the final deal, a new poll claims.

The research, done for The People's Vote campaign, suggests growing disillusionment with the progress of negotiations with Brussels.

The opinion polling by YouGov shows all six East Lancashire constituencies contain a majority backing a new referendum.

Cllr Phil Riley, Blackburn Labour Party secretary, said the poll reflected the 'awful mess' Prime Minister Theresa May had made of negotiations with Brussels.

Pendle Tory MP Andrew Stephenson, a leading pro-Brexiteer, dismissed it and said anti-EU opinion had hardened.

The research says in Blackburn (which voted 53.7 per cent to 46.3 to leave in 2016), 63.1 per cent of electors, excluding 'Don't knows', would back a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.

It shows the 55.6 per cent would vote to stay in the EU if the referendum was re-run.

The figures for Burnley (two years ago 66.6 per cent to 33.4 for Brexit) were 58.9 per cent in favour of a second referendum although voters remained in favour of quitting by 54.8 per cent to 45.2.

In Hyndburn (which voted for Brexit by 65.8 per cent to 34.2) 56.5 per cent supported a new referendum. The constituency remained pro-Brexit by 54.4 per cent to 45.6.

Ribble Valley, represented by leading Brexiteer Tory Nigel Evans, (originally 58.7 per cent to 41.3 pro leave) now saw 52.4 per cent back a 'People's Vote'.

Those backing a new vote in Pendle (in 2016 63.2 per cent to 36.8 pro-Brexit) was 54.4 per cent. Its voters remain 54.4 per cent in favour of quitting.

In Rossendale and Darwen (58.9 per cent to 41.1 for Brexit), 54.6 per cent backed a second referendum. 51.8 per cent remain pro-Brexit.

Mr Evans said: "We’ve had the people’s vote. A small survey does not trump the democratic wishes of the British people.”

Cllr Riley said: "This poll reflects the awful mess that this Conservative government has made of the Brexit negotiations. I am not surprised people are starting to question the wisdom of leaving the EU."

Former Blackburn MP Jack Straw, whose son Will was a leading figure in the Remain campaign said: "These figure are extremely interesting. They show voters are starting to have second thoughts as the promises of the Brexit campaign turn to dust."

Mr Stephenson said: "If there was another referendum I have no doubt Pendle would vote even more strongly for Leave. Politicians have been given an instruction by the people, we need to follow that instruction."

Hyndburn MP Graham, Jones said: "If the government comes back with a deal Parliament can support, there is no need for a 'People's Vote'. If not, the deal should go back to the people in a second referendum."