A JAIL term has been imposed on an Oswaldtwistle man with a habit of causing trouble in other people's homes.

Adam Luke Barrass, 25, has previously claimed that his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome often led him to misbehave after drinking.

Last December he was given a suspended prison sentence at Burnley Crown Court after he forced his way into a woman's home, in the Belfield Road area of Accrington, and refused to leave.

He was already the subject of a similar punishment, from the previous May, after assaulting his own father.

But Barrass, of Maple Drive, was hauled back to court after he made a nuisance of himself again after he had been drinking.

Emma Kehoe, prosecuting, said the victim, Anthony Pemberton, had returned to his flat on September 18 to find Barrass drinking with his friend Donna Lawson.

After Barrass started helping himself to alcohol and disrespecting Mr Pemberton, he told her he wanted him to leave, the court heard.

Barrass became increasingly aggressive before walking into the bathroom and punching a window, causing two panes to smash.

Ms Kehoe said police were called and Barrass was arrested. But while an officer was transporting him back to the police station he tried to headbutt and trip him.

When he was placed in cell, an earlier magistrates court hearing was told, Barrass smeared it with his own blood, putting it out of commission for the night.

Barrass, who pleaded guilty to two offences of causing criminal damage and assaulting a police officer, and breaching a suspended sentence order, was jailed for 10 months Judge Sara Dodd.

Hayley Bennett, defending, said her client was "very remorseful".