WORK is ‘progressing well’ on Ellison Fold Way in Darwen following Coal Authority consent to mineshaft capping along the route.

The scheme, linking Marsh House Lane and Ivinson Road will open up land on Bailey’s Field for the building of 350 homes and ease traffic on the A666.

Building on two new housing estates at Pole Lane North and Cranberry Fold is also well under way.

Associated safety improvements at the Sough Road / Grimshaw Street junction will be complete on Friday.

Underground service diversions to gas, electric and media supplies are almost finished.

And grouting to fill voids under the new road, caused by historic mining activity, is complete.

A reinforced concrete cover slab is soon to be installed over an old mine shaft at its new junction with Marsh House Lane.

Cllr Phil Riley Blackburn with Darwen Council regeneration boss said: “We are absolutely delighted that work on Ellison Fold Way is now progressing apace for completion early next year.”