REDUCED plans to build new flats and houses at Barden Mill have been approved.

An original application to build 21 houses and 16 flats at the site in Barden Lane, Burnley, was approved in 2015.

But amended plans were submitted to Burnley Council earlier this year proposing to build 19 houses and 16 flats, as well as a visitors car parking area.

Construction on the development is already underway.

In 2013, the discount shop at Barden Mill relocated to Pendle Village Mill at Brierfield as part of a retail merger, paving the way for the development.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the application reads: "Although very close to other neighbouring developments, the site has a very distinct quality due to the canal side setting and open views towards Pendle Hill.

"Furthermore the site also benefits from the neighbouring and successful marina development with its moorings, cafe and car parking.

"This mix of locality, setting and available leisure amenities will help in offering a mix development that will establish connections between the marina, the playing fields on the other side of the railway line and the residential development further down

Barden Lane.

"This development offers the opportunity to raise the profile of the area by establishing a quality gateway in what is now a redundant retail environment."

The land is bordered by the Colne-Blackpool railway line to the east and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to the west.

The 16 acres of land to the north of Reedley Marina is available for unrestricted use by all current berth holders oand it is intended that owners of the properties to be built on Barden Mill will be included in the Reedley Marina Club which entitles them to similar access.

A public open space statement adds: "Immediately to the north of the marina, dissecting the total site, is a public footpath which connects to a series of local footpaths and the towpath along the canal.

"The residents of the houses will be therefore able to walk one way to the marina and adjoining fields on the other way, onto the footpath on Barden Lane which joins to the towpath, over the canal bridge.

"Within 100 yards is also the Barden Lane park and bowling club.

"Immediately to the north of the last plot in the proposed, in the area between the houses and the marina gates, is an area of green belt land.

"Although this area was allowed to be a car park to service the Barden Mill retail outlet, it is intended that this is made into an ‘open space’ garden for use by the residents and berth holders."