WHEN ride hailing service Uber launched its own food delivery service in Blackburn last month, one restaurant name stood out on the menu – McDonald’s.

The fast food burger giant, which had traditionally never offered delivery, is now available direct to your home or office.

The new service works using a smartphone app and means you can order a Big Mac and fries for lunch – without even leaving your desk.

Lancashire Telegraph:

And with that in mind, we decided to try out the new service in Blackburn to see if Maccy D’s food tastes as good delivered as it does freshly prepared in the restaurant.

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We ordered a range of items to test how it they fared under delivery condition. On the menu for our hungry reporters – a classic Big Mac meal, a few bags of fries, a ‘share box’ of 20 nuggets, a double cheeseburger (for the editor) and a McFlurry (to see if it would survive the ride).

It cost around £15 with an extra £3.50 on top for delivery.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Order placed, the app told us who was bringing our meal, complete with picture (not dissimilar to Uber’s cab service), how it would be delivered (by bicycle), and how long the order would take (about 30 minutes).

Notwithstanding the fact that it would take us less time to nip to the McDonald’s on King William Street, order the food and bring it back, the service is remarkably convenient.

Our delivery rider arrived promptly, but unfortunately he rocked up at our old building around the corner on Railway Road – now converted to flats.

Lancashire Telegraph:

One of the first new tenants at Newspaper House nearly got a free lunch on the Lancashire Telegraph, just as our man rang us to say he was in the building (just the wrong one).

Never fear. We dispatched the work-ex to pick up the grub from a confused looking chap outside the Adelphi pub, who told us this was his first delivery for Uber Eats.

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The food is kept as fresh and hot as possible inside a smart looking insulated carry-box and we were soon tucking into our ‘McDelivery’ back at the office.

Lancashire Telegraph:

First impressions were good. The burgers were fine, the ice cream was still frozen, and the nuggets were good to go. The only gripe we had was with the fries – they didn’t withstand delivery and were warm and soggy and not up to the usual standard.

Will we use this service again? Probably yes, but maybe only in an emergency when we’re stuck in the office on deadline.

We can see how this would be great if you were stuck working on a business park with no shops or cafes in site – but if you’re in the town centre then you’re better off getting some fresh air and walking to the famous golden arches.