RIBBLE Valley Council is pressing ahead with a plan to fork out more than £850,000 for a new artificial football pitch and multi-sport facility.

A series of options looking at different ways to provide a new full size 3G pitch at Roefield in Clitheroe was discussed by the borough's community services committee.

In September, a new proposal from the Lancaster Foundation and the newly formed Ribble Valley Community Sports Trust was discussed but knocked back.

The committee declined the proposal and asked officers to prepare options for the council to provide a new artificial surface facility at Roefield.

Head of cultural and leisure services Mark Beveridge said: "The council’s existing artificial surface at Roefield is deteriorating and will, if not improved, ultimately become unfit to use and have to be closed and removed."

The committee voted to press on with the plan which would see the council undertake the building and operation of a single full-size 3G pitch and a refurbishment of the existing artificial surfaces at Roefield, which is part 3G and part multi-purpose.

A capital funding bid is to be put forward for 2019/20.

It is hoped construction will begin in May next year with the new facility available for the 2019 season and it was also recommended that a further development including an enhanced toilet block also be explored as part of this proposed facility.