FIREFIGHTERS were forced to run for their own safety after fireworks were thrown at them by yobs.

Crews from Great Harwood were called to Station Road in the town to a large bonfire which had been built on a grassy area, at around 9pm on Monday.

Lancashire Telegraph:

While the bonfire was being extinguished a group 40 adults and youths threw lit fireworks at the crew and the fire engine.

Janet Casson, who lives in Station Road, said small fires had been started a couple of days before Monday's incident.

She said: "I cannot believe people threw fireworks at the firefighters.

"I saw the firefighters having to run back from the fire because they were being attacked by fireworks.

"They were being set off by people in the street, some hit the front of my house.

"There was a three-piece suite put by the side of the fire and there were kids sat there - where were the parents? Why were they allowed to do that?

Lancashire Telegraph:

"This happens every year and its getting out of control, the bonfire was big, it wasn't tall but it was really wide and it has left lots of burn marks."

Parking bollards nearby had been melted due to the intensity of the fire and the remains of fireworks were found in the ground near the fire.

Pieces of sofa, doors, metal tins and plastic were left over from the blaze.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another Station Road resident said: "I cannot believe these people attacked firefighters.

"They are trying to do their job and they should not be attacked and put in danger.

"What would have happened if someone got seriously hurt?"

Lancashire Telegraph:

A police spokesman said officers were also called to the scene.

Neither police officers or firefighters suffered any serious injuries.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A fire service spokesman said: "Once the fire was put out to a reasonable degree the crews made the decision to come away from the area for their own safety and let the fire smoulder.

"Police officers attended and were also targeted.

"The actions of the people involved were shameful and unwelcome.

"Please be respectful of the firefighters and all emergency service personnel out to keep you safe."

A police spokesman said: "Firefighters and police were targeted during the incident.

"No arrests have been made.

"Attacking emergency services staff is not condoned."

Lancashire Telegraph: