A DISABLED woman has been left to pay £1,600 to repair a damaged roof after her insurance company refused to pay out.

Tiles and part of the barge boards on Jenny Broome’s roof were ripped off as Storm Callum tore through East Lancashire last month.

Mrs Broome, from Church, who has been wheelchair-bound since having a stroke in 2000, and her husband Aaron, were told by their home insurance company, Trinity Claims, that no money would be handed over.

This was because the company stated the roof timber in Second Avenue was rotten and would have come away regardless of the storm.

Mr Broome said his wife cannot sleep at night due to the howling winds and loose bits of roof rattling about.

The couple believe the repairs will cost upward of £1,600 and will struggle to pay for it.

Mr Broome said: “I’m very annoyed with the insurance company because it was the storm that damaged my roof. The winds were horrendous that day, it damaged other houses in the area and caused lots of disruption nationwide.

“They told me they sent an inspector round to look at the roof. He never made himself known to us, he must have just turned up, taken one look and left.

“I had two roofers come round and tell me there’s nothing wrong with the wood.

“I’m frustrated because I think the company just doesn’t want to pay out.”

A Trinity Claims spokesman said they sympathised with Mr Broome’s situation but are satisfied the correct decision was made fairly.

The spokesman said: “While we understand Mr Broome disputes the wind speeds recorded, wind speed is not the only factor we consider when assessing a claim for storm damage.

“We assess all storm claims in line with the guidance set out by the Financial Ombudsman service.

“As such, regardless of wind speed, we appointed a surveyor to attend Mr Broome’s property.

“Our surveyor completed a detailed assessment with photographs, which concluded that the roof damage was not as a direct result of storm winds.

“The photos clearly show rotten roof timbers and barge board, the deterioration of which have merely been highlighted by the inclement weather.

“If he remains dissatisfied with the outcome of his claim he can refer to the Financial Ombudsman.”