A SEMINAR looking at the life of Tel Aviv University students of all faiths living in Israel took place at the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre.

Organised by community groups Building Bridges in Burnley, and Solutions Not Sides, the seminar looked at the lives of Jewish student Ruthie Gvaryahu, and Rama Qabbani, a Palestinian Muslim, and the hardships their families faced while growing up in the conflict.

Mozaquir Ali, of Building Bridges in Burnley said the inspiring speakers opened up and discussed the difficult topics, challenged one another's expectations, and reiterated their commitment to seeking change and a peaceful solution to the conflict.

He said: " Harrowing tales of deaths and chilling life experiences they shared were shocking.

"Yet they are activists for change to change for better.

"It was amazing to see their positivity, their firm belief for peace; spreading message of hope and peace despite living in the environment of hate and animosity."

Methodist minister reverend Phillip Taylor, of Burnley, said: "It was a privilege to hear the personal stories of two young women, one Palestinian, the other Israeli as they talked about the reality for them of growing up and living in Israel/Palestine.

"Their deep desire to live as fellow human beings in a just and fair society was a powerful reminder to me to challenge any attempts, in our own country, to portray those who are different to us as if they are less worthy of respect and dignity.

"I hope that I would have the courage that they have demonstrated to stand up and make a difference."