FIGURES from the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has revealed the number of people working night shifts in the North West has risen by 18,000 in five years.

Research showed the total percentage of all people working at night across the North West reached 11.5 per cent, with an increase of 5.6 per cent in half a decade.

The most common night workers included emergency services, service workers, road transport drivers, security guards and factory workers.

TUC regional secretary Lynn Collins said: "As the clocks went back this weekend, millions of workers were busy keeping the UK ticking over.

"Whether its nurses looking after patients or taxi drivers getting us home safely, we all depend on Britain’s army of night-workers.

"Night work is hard and can disrupt family life.

"So we should show our appreciation for the sacrifices night workers make by ensuring they have good rights and protections at work.

“Employers must play fair and play safe, or public safety will be put at risk and the families of night workers will suffer."