RESIDENTS were left scratching their heads after a group of horses appeared outside their homes.

At least 17 large black and white horses were spotted in Coniston Way, Rishton at 7am today.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The animals had believed to come from a nearby field and escaped through a fence.

The horses were seen feeding on grass verges and bushes.

Lancashire Telegraph:

One Coniston Way resident said: "My partner said yesterday the horses were not inside their usual field.

"We woke up today, looked out the window and there they were.

"At first we thought it was quite funny, but then we realised the horses looked scared and were quite large.

"Some were taller than the cars and could do a lot of damage to someone's car or person.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"We can't let our children out while they are there, we can't really go out with them in case we agitate them.

"I'd be wary if you walk your dog down the back path near our road as the horses are wondering about.

"Someone had phoned the RSPCA yesterday about them and someone had called the police this morning so hopefully they are moved soon."

Lancashire Telegraph: