A FATHER was found hanged in his own home, an inquest heard.

Burnley Magistrates Court heard Derek John Hanley took his own life in his house in Burnley and was found dead there on February 4 this year.

His wife, Rochelle Broxton, said she felt numb when the coroner recorded the verdict of suicide.

His son, Jordan, said he did not foresee his father's death.

Several beer cans and empty pill packets were discovered near the dad-of-two and Burnley fan at his Moore Street home.

Police were later called to the property but the court heard they found nothing suspicious to indicate third party involvement.

Family grew concerned about Mr Hanley's welfare a week before the 45-year-old was found at his home address.

The father to Jordan and Joshua Hanley failed to respond to messages from his partner and two children.

The court heard Jordan, who was initially angry with his father for not responding to the texts, went to visit him at his home address in Habergham.

But when Mr Hanley's son arrived he had to force entry into the property and found his father's body.

The grandfather-of-three had not left a letter or note, the inquest heard.

The court heard Mr Hanley suffered a long history of problems with alcohol and he also used the painkiller Tramadol.

The drug was used to offer relief to an injury to his hand which he had sustained at his workplace, the court heard.

Mr Hanley was advised by doctors, and his GP, to use a 'gentle' dose of Tramadol but instead Mr Hanley overdosed on the painkiller several times because the pain was said to be 'too much'.

Despite Mr Hanley's long-term abuse of alcohol and Tramadol, a toxicology report later showed there was a low concentration of both chemicals in his blood system when he died.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Richard Taylor said: "Derek had been living on his own and gave no indication of what would happen.

"He had been dealing with several problems in the past and Derek took his own life.

"I offer my sincere condolences to Derek's family."